Personal Sayings

Knowing little dreams lots.

My hindsight is so good, I should walk through life backward.

Sometimes I’m the head, sometimes the tail. But even the tail leads when the horse backs up.

Take me for what I am, but believe in me for what I will be.

If you’re not facing a challenge, you’re not in your destiny.

Not all pictures in life are drawn with the same shade of crayon, and some ill-deserving bastard will always have the deluxe set.

Sometimes Pain screams so loud that we can’t hear Wisdom whisper.

A hurt that cures is better than a hurt that endures.

If we’re supposed to make lemonade when life brings us lemons, when life brings us plums, should we make prune juice?

Money doesn’t buy happiness; it buys entertainment and sometimes, diversion.

When we’re broken to pieces and our guts have spilled out….only then can a higher power guide us with the reassembly.

There is no “I” in team, but there are twice as many as there are players.

Go big or go home, but make sure you don’t bet the farm or the cow.

If you keep fishing at the sewage treatment plant, you’ll keep catching the same shit.

The essence of our “best” is not whether it can be somehow improved upon at a later time. Today’s “best” will produce tomorrow’s “best” which will expose shortcomings of the former “best.” Our “best” is only our “best” as long as we cannot improve upon it until tomorrow.

Everything I write is completely original, and any thoughts attributable to another person are entirely coincidental — unless you believe in collective unconsciousness, in which case it is just another expression of the same original thought — unless you subscribe to the notion that everything that is written has already been written before, in which case you have to ask, is the dog chasing its tail or is the tail taunting the dog.

A word is worth a thousand sentences (to an etymologist).

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