On Striving for Gender Neutrality

Gender equality is harmed, not helped, by “all-gender” toilets and, more generally, by gender-segregated toilets. Declaring special toilets for nonbinary persons is, in practice, an insult rather than an accommodation.

Why I Wear Skirts (as a man)

It might be odd for a man to wear a skirt, but why is it taboo? My curiosity with skirts as a gendered construct really began in the wake of North Carolina’s HB2 (“bathroom bill”) debacle, and my pursuit to understand gender issues is ongoing. Many decades ago, gender equality afforded women the right to wear pants, but men never started wearing skirts. There are a lot of reasons for this and a lot of reasons why men should consider adding skirts to their wardrobe.

Gender Equality in the Shadow of 1960s Civil Rights

Gender equality is harmed, not helped, by toilet legislation and policy, and compelling an individual to use one facility or another is entirely reminiscent of the old-south segregation. In a very real way, it very broadly paints a minority class as dangerous and the majority class as vulnerable.