Carmen Carrera on Transgender Experience

One does not have to accept the concept of transgender or nonbinary genders, but here Carmen Carrera speaks directly and openly of the experience. One might not agree with communism or socialism, but sensible people will still show human respect for those adherents. Why should those of different gender ideology be treated any less respectfully?

Corporate Retailer Gender Policies

There are a number of major retail stores with gender-neutral and/or gender-affirmative policies. As USA Today and CBS affiliate KTVT report, it’s not just Target any more but also Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Hudson Bay (Sacks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor), Ross Dress-For-Less, and TJX (TJ Maxx, Marshall’s).

What Is Gender Nonconformity?

According to the National Institute of Medicine and the American Psychological Association, gender nonconformity (and/or gender diversity) is defined as “the extent to which a person’s gender identity, role, or expression differs from the cultural norms prescribed for people of a particular sex.” A gender nonconforming person does not necessarily see himself or herself as the opposite sex and might or might not be attracted to her or his same sex.

A Quick Note on Sex & Gender

Though often used interchangeably, anatomical sex and psychosexual gender are not the same thing. The American Medical Association and American Psychological Association have adopted a baseline definition of gender nonconformity and this post offers some basic examples of the differences.

Gender Equality in the Shadow of 1960s Civil Rights

Gender equality is harmed, not helped, by toilet legislation and policy, and compelling an individual to use one facility or another is entirely reminiscent of the old-south segregation. In a very real way, it very broadly paints a minority class as dangerous and the majority class as vulnerable.

On Striving for Gender Neutrality

Gender equality is harmed, not helped, by “all-gender” toilets and, more generally, by gender-segregated toilets. Declaring special toilets for nonbinary persons is, in practice, an insult rather than an accommodation.

Why Are Skirts Perceived As Feminine?

Before the women’s liberation movement, skirts were just what women wore. In post-liberation America, skirts became something that accentuated the female identity rather than just aligning with the identity. With Queen Victoria’s prudishness far in the rearview mirror, hemlines rose and skirts no longer merely accentuated gender, but became a means of summoning attention once …

The History of Men’s Nightshirts

The Wall Street Journal has this interesting piece on the historical legacy of men’s nightshirts, and their suppression due to evolved Western gender constructs.: Why Some Men Favor Nightshirts Over Pajamas.

Self-proving Dress Codes

If an employer specifies distinct garments for males and for females, and if a “male” employee wears a garment classified for the opposite gender, then by definition that male is due to be construed as a member of the other gender. The dress code thus self-proves the validity of his attire.