Simultaneous Misogyny and Misandry?

The thriving gender bias that men are breadwinners and women are homemakers is simultaneously misandrist and misogynist as it diminishes a woman’s determinative capacity and casts an exclusive burden upon men.

Hypocrisy of a “Christian Nation”

It is ridiculous and incredible that as a popularly-styled “Christian Nation” American society requires laws compelling compassion and fairness (by way of example, Colorado’s and Washington State’s laws on public accommodations). While the government should not dictate the conscientious objections of private enterprise, neither should private enterprise be allowed to hatefully mistreat a class of …

A Guy’s Guide to Getting Skirted

For the curious and the novice, this how-to guide will tell a man all he needs to know about finding, wearing, and accessorizing skirts. Skirts need not be frilly, froufrou, or feminine, and can indeed be very masculine.