Something About Skirts and Satan?

This youtuber (somewhere in Africa) seems to be implying that homosexuals and men who wear skirts are deceived by Satan. It does not disclose the language, but rewind a little and it says “Kumbu 22:5” which I am fairly sure invokes Deuteronomy 22:5 (see 2019 post, “Skirts, Pants, and Deuteronomy 22:5“). [VIDEO EMBED]

Why Are Skirts Perceived As Feminine?

Before the women’s liberation movement, skirts were just what women wore. In post-liberation America, skirts became something that accentuated the female identity rather than just aligning with the identity. With Queen Victoria’s prudishness far in the rearview mirror, hemlines rose and skirts no longer merely accentuated gender, but became a means of summoning attention once …

What To Call Skirts Marketed For Men?

Historical commentary suggests that it was the fashion industry that first recognized the necessity of a new vocabulary in order to engage the diversifying womenswear market. Women wanted it clear that their aim was not mere emulation of men. The same will be true of unbifurcated menswear. What should the menswear garment be called?

The New York Times: “Skirts for Men?”

The social acceptability of men wearing skirts is by no means a nascent subject, but has has anything really changed since the Industrial Revolution? In 1984, the New York Times ran this piece regarding a Paris fashion show featuring men in skirts that was, according to French designer David Hechter, “the most important thing to happen in fashion in the past 20 years!” Hechter was one of the first designers to break fashion norms previously “when it was scandal for women to wear pants.” Rodney Martin it puts  a sharper point on it: “It makes me feel free. It’s a statement by which I can say I am free to do whatever I want. It does cause hostility on the streets, though. Sometimes I keep my coat closed over my skirt so no one will see it. And I do have to sit differently. But it’s not about being a woman.”