A Guy’s Guide to Getting Skirted

For the curious and the novice, this how-to guide will tell a man all he needs to know about finding, wearing, and accessorizing skirts. Skirts need not be frilly, froufrou, or feminine, and can indeed be very masculine.

Why I Wear Skirts

It might be odd for a man to wear a skirt, but why is it taboo? My curiosity with skirts as a gendered construct really began in the wake of North Carolina’s HB2 (“bathroom bill”) debacle, and my pursuit to understand gender issues is ongoing. Many decades ago, gender equality afforded women the right to wear pants, but men never started wearing skirts. There are a lot of reasons for this and a lot of reasons why men should consider adding skirts to their wardrobe.

Saias para homens: liberdade, estilo e cultura

An interesting morsel, in its original Brazilian Portuguese, or in English, via Google Translate. Portuguese: Saias para homens: liberdade, estilo e cultura | Moda Sem Crise English: Skirts for Men: Freedom, Style and Culture | Fashion Without Crisis

Self-proving Dress Codes

If an employer specifies distinct garments for males and for females, and if a “male” employee wears a garment classified for the opposite gender, then by definition that male is due to be construed as a member of the other gender. The dress code thus self-proves the validity of his attire.

Forthcoming Post

Dear readers and subscribers — I am beginning work on a new two-part post titled “Hyposissification and Hypermasculinization” that tries to tackle the egalitarian defect of fashion design. I’m asking for crowd-source help to gather examples of übermasculine figures in “skirted” attire (I’m thinking of warrior archetypes such as from graphic novels or movies such …