Forthcoming Post

Dear readers and subscribers — I am beginning work on a new two-part post titled “Hyposissification and Hypermasculinization” that tries to tackle the egalitarian defect of fashion design. I’m asking for crowd-source help to gather examples of übermasculine figures in “skirted” attire (I’m thinking of warrior archetypes such as from graphic novels or movies such …

In a Man’s World

Bravo has a cutting new series titled In a Man’s World.  Women from various walks of life receive full-body muscle suits, and craniofacial prosthetics to create a physique that is out of this world. The women also receive vocal and movement coaching and then simulate their regular selves….as a man. The circumstances and settings are …

Simultaneous Misogyny and Misandry?

The thriving gender bias that men are breadwinners and women are homemakers is simultaneously misandrist and misogynist as it diminishes a woman’s determinative capacity and casts an exclusive burden upon men.

Double Standards

I was just recalling an incident from several months ago at a local club (this event was still a few months before the time a female police reached under my skirt at this same club). I rocking an awesome 15″ Gap or Ralph Lauren chino skirt. I found myself speaking with a group of three …

Gender Equality in the Shadow of 1960s Civil Rights

Gender equality is harmed, not helped, by toilet legislation and policy, and compelling an individual to use one facility or another is entirely reminiscent of the old-south segregation. In a very real way, it very broadly paints a minority class as dangerous and the majority class as vulnerable.

On Striving for Gender Neutrality

Gender equality is harmed, not helped, by “all-gender” toilets and, more generally, by gender-segregated toilets. Declaring special toilets for nonbinary persons is, in practice, an insult rather than an accommodation.