A Public Advisement Against Iliana Rivera Sutton & Aha! Interpreting Solutions, LLC

I would caution the world against employing or contracting Aha! Interpreting Solutions, LLC of Arkansas. My personal experience has been that Its proprietress Iliana Rivera Sutton has serious financial and credibility problems. They are destitute as poor Geppetto and as truthful as Pinocchio.

Iliana Rivera Sutton breached her contract with me and at least three other contractors (though I suspect there are dozens more from Florida all the way to Michigan and perhaps beyond).  Her payments to us four returned NSF on the initiation and all subsequent presentments. She refuses to make alternate payment arrangements.

More details (and proofs) will soon be forthcoming. Meanwhile, If you have experienced similar issues, please comment below and I will privately reply with an abundance of contact persons and venues to report her actions and to get restitution.

According to the Arkansas Secretary of State, the business was first registered in 2014 by “ILIANA JUDITH RIVERA MS” of  “2700 PENNY LANE, ROGERS, AR 72758” and “3351 BELINDA LANE, SPRINGDALE, AR 72764” though her website (ahainterpreting.com) lists an address of “202 S Lincoln St, Lowell, AR 72745” which is actually just a United States post office location! Her Facebook lists an address of “p.o box 473 Lowell, Arkansas 72745” and provides an email address of “iliana@ahainterpreting.com“. Her cell phone is (479) 301-4902 and Google search links it to a “40 Hour Medical Interpreter Standard and Ethic Course” among other things.

More to come.

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