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Fix the Complaint or Fix the Problem

Still true!
“The eternal temptation, of course, has been to arrest the speaker rather than to correct the conditions about which he complains. I see no reason why these appellees should be made to walk the treacherous ground of these statutes. They, like other citizens, need the umbrella of the First Amendment as they study, analyze, discuss, and debate the troubles of these days. When criminal prosecutions can be leveled against them because they express unpopular views, the society of the dialogue is in danger.” Younger v. Harris, 401 U.S. 37, 65 (1971)

A Short Colloquy

VOX: I’m really tired of [this locality and these circumstances]
GOD: Am I not enough for you?
VOX: I withdraw my complaint

(In other words, Do I not satisfy you? What else do you need?)

A “play on masculinity and femininity”

To quote and to paraphrase Vogue magazine, Billy Porter “defied fashion norms” at the 2019 Academy Awards by stepping onto the red carpet in an “unapologetically fabulous[, . . .] sharply tailored tuxedo jacket overtop a full-skirted velvet gown”—”a play on masculinity and femininity [that] challenged the rigid Hollywood dress code and was boundary-pushing in all the right ways.” Continue Reading

Method to download Facebook video

Like most things on the internet, Facebook videos might be here today and gone tomorrow. For purposes of a forthcoming post, I needed to download an overly long FB live video and edit it down to the key minutes. It was a definite challenge, but ultimately these instructions worked (after a few on-the-fly workarounds to overcome FB’s interim changes). It might just be useful to others out there, particularly civil libertarians who wish to archive unconscionable internet blatherskite.

Of course demons exist

To be “Christian” is to be a “little Christ” or a “Christ follower.” Jesus rebuked demons, terrorized demons, and exorcized demons. What is there not to understand?


To some it would seems unimaginable that God could communicate individually with all 8 billion Earth humans. If that were humanly comprehensible, then God wouldn’t be God.