2 Replies to “Trump Truth”

  1. Perspicacious. Lol An accurate meme. As a nation, we’re doomed. 🤔😮
    Embarrassed & ashamed for our nation when the best we can offer for president is Biden or Trump.
    Appreciate your insightful posts.

    1. Good to hear from you again. Very sad indeed that those are the two candidates. It’s a choice of horse-shit and bull-shit. Personally I’m libertarian.


      Both nominees are domestically undesirable and Harris is an inarticulable disaster if she were to ascend. She is a potential threat to our democracy while Trump is an actual threat to our democracy—particularly if he picks Katie Brit as runningmate. I just remembered another Trumple meme that I had. I will need to look for it. Perhaps I will remake this post as a meme gallery.

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