Way back in 1998 I adopted what I thought was a colloquial neologism of a fellow undergraduate. It turns out, though, that “bastardize” as meaning “to reduce from a higher to a lower state or condition” is recognized by Merriam-Webster. I wonder when its original 1585 meaning was bastardized to its present form?


Amber Guyger

I’m going to predict that Amber Guyger will be (or should be) convicted of the lesser manslaughter. It is so bizarre. No explanation makes sense. I can believe that she was so tired as to go to the wrong apartment. I could also believe that she was doing blow or meth to stay awake and work those extended hours (which, btw, in and of itself is full of shit; plenty of departments work standard 12-hour shifts). Whether she was exhausted or not, the first response of any person is not to shoot. If I were in my home and someone walked in, yeah, it would be lights out. But if I walked into my home and immediately saw an intruder, I’d duck out as fast as I could and re-assess the situation from cover. If I came home and found my door ajar, I’m not sure what I would do. And maybe that’s what happened for her, but her always-right, never-wrong, bad-ass cop programming took over and she acted as if she had just responded to a burglary in process. But even then, she would have been justified in shooting if she saw a weapon or something that appeared to be a weapon. I am unaware of any such testimony. Whether she was mistaken or not, she was negligent. Her negligence caused the death of a person. That is manslaughter.

Simultaneous Misogyny and Misandry?

I found myself in a brief conversation today about gender roles. Specifically, the topic was equitable division of labor in the family, that is, where one spouse or partner is the career breadwinner and the other is the homemaker. All available indicators point to the thriving gender bias that men are expected to be breadwinners and women, the homemakers. But this tacit social norm is simultaneously misandrist and misogynist. In the first place, it is misogynist to diminish a woman’s capacity to wield power, influence, success, and wealth in modern society. Second, it is misandrist to cast that burden exclusively upon men. Just as so many women have proven their capacity to realize extraordinary success in business, economics, law, medicine, politics and religion, so too many men have proven themselves very skilled at child-rearing. Though my 2016 skirt discussions noted how society imposes both misandrist and misogynist attitudes upon apparel, until today’s conversation I had never recognized an instance in which a single position is simultaneously misogynist and misandrist regardless of conditions and regardless of the gender targeted. In a society that holds itself out as being equal-opportunist, it is not enough solely to teach girls that they can become the professional woman of their choosing; society must also teach boys that they need not assume the role of career-driven providers to be a respectable man.

Selective Cognition

It occurs to me that the longstanding phrase “selective hearing” does not convey greater disconnects. In addition to “selective hearing (audition),” one should contemplate “selection seeing (vision),” and, worst of all, “selective thinking (cognition).”

Lesbians and Transwomen — Part 1

Without judging the writer, let me say that am a little baffled by this opinion piece that I stumbled upon just now. Perhaps it is simply that, being neither ciswoman nor transwoman, I am unable to relate to the argument of “Lesbians need to get the L out of the LGBT+ community.” That said, I think the author is defending a ciswoman’s right to be exclusively attracted to ciswomen. Taking the role of spokesperson for like-minded lesbians, she complains of pressure form gay and/or transgender community to consider transwomen as romantic candidates. With the caveat that no one has a right dismissively label another person’s opinion, I find myself in conflicting (dis)agreement.  Continue reading “Lesbians and Transwomen — Part 1”

Advocacy Apparel – Because Clothing Is Genderless

I am developing a site and business plan to sell skirt-advocacy apparel. Not just screen printed t-shirts, either. There will be some classy polo shirts and caps (and perhaps bumper stickers!) with catchy phrases and educational URLs. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, please suggest items and slogans in the comments below.

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