Evolution as Religion

Human evolutionAn exceeding number of evangelical Christians have long crusaded against Evolution Theory solely because it discredits Abrahamic teaching. But is this really the most appropriate doctrinal or theological battleground? It occurs to me today—and I hope to explore the idea in a future post—that Evolution Theory is a greater doctrinal threat to the premise of salvation than it is to scriptural inerrancy. Continue Reading

Matthew West: Truth Be Told

Lie number 1 you’re supposed to have it all together, and when they ask how you’re doing just smile and tell them “never better”. Lie number 2 everybody’s life is perfect except yours, so keep your messes and your wounds and your secrets safe with you behind closed doors. Truth be told, the truth is rarely told.

I say I’m fine, yeah I’m fine oh I’m fine, hey I’m fine but I’m not. I’m broken. Continue Reading