One Reply to “Why Women Can Dress Like Men But Not Vice Versa”

  1. Her third sentence summarizes the problem, & explains her foregone conclusions. “…traditional categories…old gender stereotypes…”
    Use the same tired assumptions, (clothing has some form of inherent “gender”), arrive at the same tired conclusions. The remainder of her article is based on this presupposition. Remove these assumptions, the problem goes away. Women tend to pay less attention to the stereotypes than men, hence the freedom to wear whatever they want. Reality: Men CAN wear skirts, women CAN wear pants. Anything else for that matter. Old stereotypes need to die. Nothing inherently male/female about clothing, unless we WANT it to be that way. Mostly a phenomenon of North America and Europe. The rest of the world is much more relaxed about the issue. Ms. Cooperman needs to think outside the box.

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