Simultaneous Misogyny and Misandry?

The thriving gender bias that men are breadwinners and women are homemakers is simultaneously misandrist and misogynist as it diminishes a woman’s determinative capacity and casts an exclusive burden upon men.

Kilt Lifting

These two fellas propound a frank discussion on strangers who feel entitled to inquire or inspect a kilted man’s “undercarriage” (just more sociocultural misandry),

Heroes, Villains, and Toilets

The politics of toileting have reached such ridiculous levels that those engaged therein have lost their ability to circumspectly analyze the real issues. The kerfuffle is really about social comfort and not personal safety as is generally asserted. But to the extent that personal safety could or should be discussed, the ultimate truth is that heroes and villains operate out of the same perceptions of danger but their responses are what set them apart.

A Guy’s Guide to Getting Skirted

For the curious and the novice, this how-to guide will tell a man all he needs to know about finding, wearing, and accessorizing skirts. Skirts need not be frilly, froufrou, or feminine, and can indeed be very masculine.

Gender Equality in the Shadow of 1960s Civil Rights

Gender equality is harmed, not helped, by toilet legislation and policy, and compelling an individual to use one facility or another is entirely reminiscent of the old-south segregation. In a very real way, it very broadly paints a minority class as dangerous and the majority class as vulnerable.

Why I Wear Skirts

It might be odd for a man to wear a skirt, but why is it taboo? My curiosity with skirts as a gendered construct really began in the wake of North Carolina’s HB2 (“bathroom bill”) debacle, and my pursuit to understand gender issues is ongoing. Many decades ago, gender equality afforded women the right to wear pants, but men never started wearing skirts. There are a lot of reasons for this and a lot of reasons why men should consider adding skirts to their wardrobe.

On Striving for Gender Neutrality

Gender equality is harmed, not helped, by “all-gender” toilets and, more generally, by gender-segregated toilets. Declaring special toilets for nonbinary persons is, in practice, an insult rather than an accommodation.