Idaho’s Stupidest Candidate Bob Nonini

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Earlier this year there was an AP story about an Idahoan Lt. Gov candidate who, as part of his stumping, asserted that women who undergo elective abortions should be prosecuted if Roe v. Wade is ever reversed. OK, without actually attacking his statement, let’s just examine the underlying stupidity that should disqualify him from public office. First, how could an administration ever know whom to prosecute? It’s not like there’s an abortion registry. And no administration could send out a survey to all women because a) it would be discriminatory for not also surveying men who might have participated in the decision-making and b) it would violate the Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination unless the survey first Mirandized every recipient. Second, even if Idahoans admitted undergoing or participating in elective abortion, there would never be any actual evidence because medical records are still protected by other federal laws apart from Roe v. Wade. So he (the candidate, that is, whose name happens to be Bob Nonini) fundamentally has no common sense. But then there’s a third point—perhaps nuanced beyond the legal acumen of the ordinary person—but federal courts have long held that there can be no retroactive prosecutions. In other words, a person cannot be prosecuted for violating a law that was not a law at the time of the alleged conduct. Yeah, so while dodging the entire morality issue, it’s pretty clear that Bob Nonini is too GDF stupid to be voted into office. But then again, since when do people elect intelligent candidates into office? Trump contended that all Muslims should be banned from entering the US….forgetting, of course, that Saudi Arabia alone has the world’s second-largest oil reserve…and no matter how many coal jobs Trump brings back, that coal won’t fuel our plains, trains, and automobiles. So I guess the stupider the platform, the better one’s chances of getting into office?.

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