A Guy’s Guide to Basic Aesthetic Improvement

A man need not be “trans” or “metro” to want to present his most attractive self to the world. After all, men shave (or shape) their facial hair and style their hair in a manner that they see as enhancing their aesthetic. I do not want suggest that all men wear full-on cosmetics, but having some knowhow in a back pocket and some basic tools in a gearbag can really prove useful! After all, ho hasn’t had a important photo scheduled or a really big date planned or a really big presentation prepared only to see a giant pimple, an ingrown hair, or a boneheaded razor nick in the bathroom mirror?

All one really needs is a basic $10 concealer to hide discoloration and smooth unevenness. Start with clean skin and dab a tiny dot. Smooth it out with a finger until the concealer no longer stands out. Repeat if necessary. Optionally, brush a bit of $15 translucent powder to “set” it for longer wear. A person projects outeard confidence proportionately to inward confidence. If a very minor tweak eliminates any degree of stress, it is a no-brainer win.

Brow game is another minor tweak with major impact. Shaping one’s own brows takes time to learn, but a brow wax can be as cheap as $12. Most hair salons offer face waxing as do many nail salons (and there is probably one just a few doors past your barbershop). A $10 brow pencil can also darken blonde/gray hairs and fill any gaps or scars.

Then there is just basic skin care. Applying post-shower witchhazel ($2/bottle at Walmart) will shrink skin pores for smoother and less oily skin. Tightening pores also fights pimples and ingrown hairs. Finally, a non-greasy lotion, over time, will combat oily skin and fight natural aging.

The women in a man’s life can be a great resource, but there is much to be said for a simple $30 lesson from a professional cosmetologist at an all-jn-one locale such as Ulta or Sephora. The cosmetologist will show you how to apply any product so that it will not appear that you are wearing any makeup at all. He or she will point out the exact shade or concealer or brow pencil to use. After that, just buy the same items over and over. A cosmetologist can also demonstrate how to hide dark under-eye bags and/or side wrinkles.

In short, an extra 60 seconds in the morning can go a very long way.

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