Double Standards

I was just recalling an incident from several months ago at a local club (this event was still a few months before the time a female police reached under my skirt at this same club). I rocking an awesome 15″ Gap or Ralph Lauren chino skirt. I found myself speaking with a group of three or four females when one of them rather abruptly asks me, “what do you have on under your skirt?”

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve been asked that question, but it was the first time in a long time. Of course, the shit would have hit the fan were a male to ask her that question, but rather than pointing this out, I simply quipped, “Dare to ask, dare to look.” At this, she startled and then indignantly exclaimed that she was not going to look. Logically, I followed up with something like, “then why did you ask if you didn’t want to know?”

What struck me most was her display of indignation that would make one think I had just propositioned her for sex. How is it that she can lead with inappropriateness and then be bothered by any response? I get that for many decades men treated women like objects, but I would expect those experiences to sensitize women against such behavior. Ultimately, though, I think it builds the case that sexuality is a human trait, that women and men are both humans, and that humans are pretty much all alike. When all the cultural constructs are stripped away, there really isn’t much difference between men and women. Maybe that is why so many men are afraid of wearing a skirt—because it will just affirm outwardly what they already know deep down. And, now that I think about it, that was the underlying argument of the women’s liberation movement: if men and women are equal, women had every right to wear pants. But even then, the woman-pants were marketed as “slacks” to blunt the edge just a little. For more men to start wearing skirts, there will have to be a transitional name for the man-skirt as well. Kilt is already taken (and is its own entity anyway). Maybe man-skirts should be called “breathers” or “equalizers.”

Maybe the marketing line could be, “My balls are so huge they require a skirt.”

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